Eren Günhan ULUSOY  / Director

With its history of 123 years, International Assembly of Operational Millers (IAOM) which is the biggest Non-Governmental Organization in the world of Grain Milling sector, is an international institution consisting of grain millers and commercial representative for developing the education and training opportunities in the industries under sector. Through total 14 regions, 10 in USA and 4 directorships in global scale, IAOM provides an international forum for establishing ideas Exchange, technic and training opportunities, new product and services discovery and network formation. IAOM Eurasia Region consists of 32 countries which their total populations exceed 2 billion and have the economic growth of total 7.1 trillion dollars. At the same time, this region hosts the biggest actors of world grain production and flour export. These 32 countries include Russia which is one of the 5 biggest grain producers of the world with the grain production of 71.6 million tonnes, Ukraine with the grain production of 25 million tonnes, Kazakhstan with the production of 16 million tonnes, Turkey with the production of 19 million tonnes. As Turkey which realizes 30% of the world flour export and is the flour export champion of the world for 6 years, we carry out the Eurasia Region Directorships as of March 2019 together with these 32 countries realizing 55% of world flour export and 30% of world grain production. In this scope, we have realized our Workshop program which is our first IAOM activity with the theme of “The Professionals of Miller Meet” at Turkey in 23-25 April 2019. Then we delivered the key of IAOM Eurasia Region Directorship from IAOM Chairman Jeff Hole and IAOM Executive Director Melinda Forris. As Eurasia Region Directorship, we realize our first International Activity. In this important activity which we shall host numerous National and International delegate and many exhibition areas, we want to mention that we shall be honoured to welcome you as Board of Directors of International Operational Miller Union. Best Regards

Vural KURAL / Executive Secretary and Treasurer

Turkey which realizes 30% of the world flour export and is the flour export champion for 6 years, maintains its place among the arbiters of the sector. As International Assembly of Operational Miller (IAOM) Eurasia Directorship, we started our Works both in global and local scale in order to gather the professionals and to be a leading institution in milling industry by providing sustainable training opportunities. As of its establishment in 1896 IAOM is a pioneer institution which provides various resources in education in order to increase profitability, efficiency and security. We are proud to manage Eurasia Directorship including the fastest growing and leader countries of the sector of this institution representing approximately 70 countries in world-wide. In this scope, we gathered with the world leaders of the sector such as Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan in our Management Council. As IAOM Eurasia Directorship, we aim to create a network where we meet with the members and sector stakeholders from all around the world in various organization and share technical and professional ideas. In this scope, we realize our first International Activity. In this activity consisting of the members and sector leaders from all around the world, while milling industry and commercial experts share their experiences through the educational and technical programs provided in the conference, this activity shall provide an opportunity to you for developing the relationships with suppliers offering the products and services you need and for connecting with your colleagues in sector at the exhibition areas. In this scope, we are happy and proud to welcome our valuable stakeholders who are with us and contribute to the development of the sector. Best Regards