With its 123-year history, İnternational Association of Operative Millers (IAOM) is the world’s largest non-profit organization in the field of grain milling which unites grain millers and trade representatives for the development of education and training opportunities in industryrelated areas. IAOM with its 10 directorates in the USA and 4 more in other parts of the world offers an international forum for sharing ideas, technological and educational opportunities, discovery of new products and services and networking. 

Eurasian Region of IAOM consists of 32 countries with more than 2 billion of population and a total of 7.1 trillion dollars economic magnitude. At the same time, world’s largest wheat producers and flour exporters are situated in this region. Russia which is one of the top 5 wheat producers in the world with the production of 71.6 million tons of wheat, alone represents 10% of the world’s and 30% of Eurasian region’s wheat production. Ukraine with 25 million tons, Kazakhstan with 16 million tons and Turkey with 19 million tons of wheat production are also among these 32 countries.

Turkey which alone exports 30% of the world’s flour and holds the first place in flour export for approximately 6 years now, will run Eurasia Region which represents 30% of the world’s wheat production and, with 12 million tons of flour, performs 55% of the global flour export. In this respect, we announced our Directorate at the press conference in Istanbul and as our firstevent on behalf of IAOM Eurasia organized an educational workshop program “Professional Millers Meeting” in Antalya on April 23-25. Thereafter at the 15th International Congress and Exhibition IAOM Chairman of the Board of the Directors Jeff Hole and IAOM Executive Vice President Melinda Farris handed us the key of Eurasia Directorate. In this context we have started our work on forming of IAOM Leadership Council.

IAOM Euroasia Regional Directorship will reach Eastern European, Balkans, Black Sea,
Caucasian and Middle Asian countries.
IAOM-Eurasia Leadership Council
Eren Gunhan Ulusoy, Director, IAOM-Eurasia
Representatives of Eastern Europe countries, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Balkan
countries, Central Asia countries and Caucasian countries
Office of Executive Director
Vural Kural, Executive Secretary and Treasurer IAOM-Eurasia

Top management staff of the organization in USA and its organizational structure is as follows:
IAOM, USA Leadership Council staff:
Jeff Hole, Chairman of Leadership Council, IAOM, and Vice Chairman, Miller Milling Company,
David A. Jansen, Vice Chairman of Leadership Council, IAOM and General Director, Siemer Milling
Randy Garvert, Accounting Member of Leadership Council, IAOM, Senior Director, Ardent Mills
Melinda Farris, Executive Vice Chairman, IAOM